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Staff Augumentation

Many large and resourceful corporations are coming to the conclusion that augmenting staff with consultants is a more cost-effective option than direct-hire placement, especially when it applies to individuals highly skilled in the latest Information Technology. Resource-Trac offers quality professional consultants available for special projects and assignments who have been pre-screened in a variety of Information Technology disciplines. Whether you have a need for System Architects, Systems Developers, Administrators, Project Managers, Project Leaders, Technical Writers, or even a complete Project Team, Resource-Trac has a large database and over 11 years of IT industry know how and experience to serve your needs and get the job done.

Resource-Trac can help you solve your problems. If you have a technical issue that your staff cannot address or a deadline that is coming up faster than you like, let Resource-Trac experienced technical professionals help. Our consultants can hit the ground running. If you have been awarded a big contract and you need to assemble a large team quickly, Resource-Trac can help you build a strong team rapidly without compromising on quality and within a reasonable budget.

Resource-Trac is the solution to your staff augmentation needs. Our consulting support is the alternative to the expense and commitment associated with hiring a full-time employee for a short-term need.

Contract and Permanent Placement

Resource-Trac provides qualified candidates for short & long term contract positions and perm positions. Resource-Trac works hard to establish strong effective relationships with our clients. We specialize in meeting our clients’ needs rather than specializing in one specific technology. At Resource-Trac, we strive to develop our clients’ relationships for today and in the future. The result is an incomparable understanding of our clients and their needs, both from a technical and business point of view.

This incomparable understanding is the base upon which the recruiting staff carries out their responsibilities. Resource-Trac, screens, pre-qualifies and submits only the best-qualified candidates for clients’ positions. The candidate presented will always be the most senior and best-qualified candidate for the position. Resource-Trac not only scrutinizes the candidates technical qualifications, the staff also evaluates if the candidate will fit into the clients’ corporate culture.

After a candidate is identified, presented and accepted by the client, Resource-Trac supports the placement with whatever is needed to make the employment a success. In the rare event where a mismatch has occurred, Resource-Trac will find a replacement and minimize the transition.

Resource-Trac is equipped to provide any additional testing and/or reference checks that a client may require prior to acceptance of a candidate. This includes, but not limited to security background checks and substance abuse screening.

Creative Pricing

Resource-Trac offers creative pricing solutions. Our creative pricing solutions include Cost Plus, Fixed Cost, Tiered Rates and Duration Discounts. As a privately held company, Resource-Trac has greater flexibility to offer mutually beneficial creative solutions that encourage long-term relationships.

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