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Resource-Trac won 2007 Supplier of the year awards by Yoh/Day and Zimmermann.

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About Day & Zimmermann - Day & Zimmermann accelerates customer success by delivering diversified services. Operating from more than 150 worldwide locations with 2.2 Billion USD in revenues, the Day & Zimmermann family of companies employs 24,000 professionals. For more information, visit


Recognized by Siemens VDO as one of their Top Supplier

About Siemens VDO - Siemens VDO is a leading international supplier of automotive electronics and mechatronics which manufactures products relating to the drivetrain, engine management electronics and fuel injection, which are designed to simultaneously improve engine performance and reduce emissions. On 25 July 2007, Continental AG announced its offer to purchase Siemens VDO for 11.4 billion ($15.6 billion). For more information, visit

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