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Current Openings

Software Engineer (Michigan)

The primary responsibilities of this position will include the following duties:

1. Design, code, analyze, test, integrate, develop and implement applications, databases and servers according to project requirements (approximately 25% of daily work time)

2. Design Entity-Relationship, identify schemas and other database objects. Handle SQL servers in clustered environment and create DTS packages (approximately 15% of daily work time)

3. Tune performance of database operations and write SSIS packages. Perform data porting from the EDI (electronic Data Interchange) file format to SQL Server (approximately 15% of daily work time)

4. Implement database replication and perform SQL server clustering (approximately 15% of daily work time)

5. Create database-enabled internet/intranet applications using Microsoft ASP/VB Script/XML/ADO/COM+/CrystalReports/SQL Server, .Net Applications, JavaScript-enhanced, HTML graphical User Interfaces/ Web Based prototypes (approximately 10% of daily work time)

6. Provide maintenance and troubleshooting and design and implement enhancements (approximately 10% of daily work time)

7. Use various computer technologies, languages and environments including MS SQL Server 2005, 2000, 7.0, 6.5, MSDE, TSQL, Oracle, MS Access, SQL Reporting Service, Dot Net,,, ASP, XML, Visual Basic,/COM/COM+/MTS, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML, CSS, MS SQL XML 3.0, Active X, MS Windows 2000/NT/XP, DOS, MS Visual Studio, MS Visual InterDev, Crystal Reports, Ratioanl Rose, MS FrontPage, MS Exchange Server, ERWin, QA Load, Winrunner, MS Visio (approximately 10% of daily work time)

The usual minimum requirement for performance of this job is a Bachelorís degree in Computer Applications, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, Electronics, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics or the U.S. equivalent in any closely-related field. This degree provides the candidate with the requisite knowledge and sophistication to comprehend the complex computer applications and scientific theoretical principles involved in the evaluation and analysis of computer software and software systems. In fact, it is not unusual to require the candidate to possess some experience in the field. These minimum requirements for the position offered clearly mark such position as a specialty occupation requiring a person of distinguished merit and ability.

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