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Enterprise Security

Securing your IT systems and data is an enterprise-wide challenge. It requires an aggressive and comprehensive approach. Fighting back against sophisticated threats. Mitigating the vulnerabilities and risks. Addressing changes in government, security and privacy regulations and standards.

Our IT security, networking and management services are delivered on a common, standards-based infrastructure. An approach that provides visibility into your ongoing operations. So you donít spend time reinventing systems and processes. Instead, you can better predict costs and schedules.

Enterprise Security Solution includes:

  • Network Security Services: includes intrusion detection and prevention systems, network firewall and VPN services, and end-point security for PCs, notebooks and handheld devices, so your data is fully protected.
  • Application Security Services: protects you at the application layer of the OSI protocol, and includes Web application firewalls, email scanning and anti-virus services, Web content security services and Web application firewall services, including Web proxy and URL content filtering services.
  • Security Incident Management Services: covers security event monitoring and security vulnerability assessment management, including subscription-based threat and vulnerability intelligence information, vulnerability scans.

Top 5 benefits of Resource-Trac, Enterprise Security Solutions:

  1. Ensures comprehensive, consistent security practices across the enterprise.
  2. Helps reduce the risk and complexity of the enterprise security infrastructure.
  3. Lowers the overall total cost of ownership of security infrastructure.
  4. Allows business partners to share identity information about common system users.
  5. Protects key corporate applications and assets.
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